Game Development

We build highly engaging cross platform mobile games across diverse gaming niches.

Game is the most popular and highest revenue earning niche among all apps. But with hundreds of games unleashed everyday, it is the most competitive turf for developers as well. Addictive gaming experience, eye catchy animation and balanced game challenges for both novices and die hard games, all these and many such elements help building a game.

We at The App Ideas put together all these irreplaceable qualities to ensure a quality gaming experience that continues to enjoy traction and in-game business conversion. Over the years we built a whole bucket of successful cross platform mobile games across diverse niches.

What we offer in game development?

We build visually appealing games with all qualities to go viral. We have expertise with every major game engine and technology to create most sophisticated games for various game playing audiences.

Some of the key game development services we offer include the following.

  • Cross platform mobile game development
  • Game development for gaming consoles
  • Game art design
  • Augmented Reality(AR) game development
  • Virtual Reality(VR) game development
  • Recreating game apps with new features and design
  • Game upgrading, maintenance and support
  • Game marketing

Types of games we have expertise with

Over the years our expertise and proven excellence in game development have been extended across all niches and types of games ranging from simple board games, casual games to complex strategy and multilayered story based games.

Some of the key types of games built by us include the following.

  • Social games
  • Action Games
  • Strategy games
  • Racing Games
  • Board Games
  • Story based games
  • Sports Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Casual Games

Our mobile game development process

As a multifaceted game development company with years of experience in game design and development we have a well formulated and time tested process to build awesome games. Here are the key steps in our game development process.

The game idea development

We conceive several game idea based on your requirement and thereafter tweak each one to make lucrative. After concluding on an idea put together several aspects of the game app. Finally, we decide the milestones in the path of building the game.

Game Design

We now create some design plans based on the game idea and create drafts for each of them. The design is finally by discussing on the pros and cons of each design.

Programming the Game

At this stage the programmers start coding and begin building various game aspects like game objects, background, animations, etc. Following this we deliver the first draft of the game app and decide with the client if any changes are required in the core game app. Once this is finalised, we create game levels and design the UI elements. Finally we put together the entire game elements into a single app that can be sent for user testing.

Testing Phase

Finally, the game goes to our testing unit that puts it under testing tools and mechanisms to ensure no performance and design glitches are there. At the situation stands, many of these automation testing tools are employed concurrently during development process and hence performance issues and bugs are very rare with our games. At the end, we also take help of extensive user testing across devices and platforms to ensure that the game playing experience is not compromised.

Why choose us for mobile game development?

Building a great game is not child’s play. It is not just about visual appeal and palpable entertainment, but also about great coding skill and glitch free game performance. Here are some of the key reasons to choose us for your next game development project.

robust portfolio

A bounty of awesome game apps of various niches to our credit.

creative team of developers

A creative bunch of game developers and designers specialist in delivering awesome gaming experience.

meeting project timeline

We adhere strictly to deluvery deadline and meet milestones as determined.

transparent process

We remain open and reachable during the entire project with a dedicated project coordinator in the team.

continuous support

We continue providing support to your game with continuous updates and maintenance.

Do you want to know more about our game development process and how we deliver success stories with brilliant game apps?