Our iBeacon App Development Company

At the App Ideas, we build a wide array of sophisticated and advanced mobile apps equipped with iBeacon and the latest range of location-specific technologies. Some of the key iBeacon app development services include the following.

  • Vehicle Tracking

    iBeacons are great for tracking on-road vehicles and transport systems. We utilize iBeacons for building sophisticated vehicle tracking apps.

  • Documents Transfer

    We use iBeacons in apps for transferring documents from one device to another that help app users to stay in sync while accessing documents.

  • Location Based Services

    We use iBeacons to provide a variety of location-based services through mobile apps.

  • Mobile Payments

    We also use iBeacons to integrate sophisticated and user-friendly mobile payment interface within apps and ensure smooth payment processing.

  • Location-Based Promotions

    We also utilize this technology for the retail and business specific promotions targeted towards customers located nearby the stores.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We provide support and maintenance to all iBeacon apps through timely updates and UI/UX optimization.

Why Choose the App Ideas for iBeacon App Development Company?

Are you thinking about what are the key factors that keep us ahead with our successful iBeacon app development expertise? Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading app development companies with an array of iBeacon and other location-centric apps. Well, there is a number of reasons to choose us for your iBeacon app development requirements.

  • Experience and Expertise

    We boast of years of frontline experience in iBeacon app development and have the expertise to build any challenging app with the technology.

  • Robust Portfolio

    We boast of a gigantic portfolio of most sophisticated iBeacon apps built for a variety of niches and categories.

  • Agile Development

    We follow agile development methodology and ensure quality development within the committed deadline.

  • Innovative Ideas

    Apart from coding and development expertise, we also boast of innovative app ideas for building most user-optimised iBeacon apps across different business contexts.

  • Transparent Development Process

    We have a very transparent development process with a dedicated project manager and measures to accommodate client suggestions and inputs.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer the most competitive rate for iBeacon app development projects compared to the market prices.

Our Portfolio

  • Rotarydies



  • CRM software



  • Backend for the Reciept Tracking app



Our Client Testimonials

Do you want to know more about our iBeacon app development expertise and credentials? Well, we are ready to explain how we can help you realise your goal of using this technology for your business. Just drop us a message and let us reach you at the earliest.

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